The eAdvantage is a complete eBook publishing package that combines the practicality of the Advantage publishing service and the multi-channel distribution capability of the ePak (i.e. allowing you to automatically distribute your published eBook to Amazon, Sony, Scribd, Barnes & Noble, Books On Board and the Xlibris Online bookstore).

PLUS, this package comes with a Google Search Engine Marketing component that allows you to bid on up to 3 keywords to associate your published work with, thereby boosting your eBook`s visibility online when e-book buyers come browsing for book information.

Design and image features:

  • Full layout customization
  • Allowance of cover art and author photo (supplied by author)

Production features:

  • Availability of your book in eBook format
  • Ability to track book production progress through our website
  • Author Service Representative who provides support throughout the publication process

Post-publication features:

  • Assignment of ISBN
  • Worldwide distribution
  • Registrations with Amazon,, Sony, and
  • Online book sales and royalty accounting
  • Book and author webpages in the Xlibris online bookstore - you control the content
  • Quarterly royalty payments

Marketing features:

  • Google SEM 50

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